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Miromiro Kelly

Trainee Crew Member for Coastguard Raglan

Miromiro has always loved the ocean. The enjoyment she gets from being on the water, paired with having a cousin and uncle involved with Coastguard, was her motivation for joining. She wanted to jump in and have a go at helping others.  

Miromiro is working towards being Operational Crew, and is a member of Te Pūhara Mana Iwi – Coastguard’s Māori & Pasifika Advisory group.

Like many Coastguard volunteers, Miromiro is drawn to Coastguard because it’s a great way to have fun, whilst also learning some really great skills both on and off the water.  

Volunteering your time in the search and rescue field can come with its challenges and heavy moments, but for Miromiro the heaviness is balanced by the joy she gets from being out on the water with her crew. 

As a trainee, Miromiro’s main focus is ticking off her theory and practical training, getting as much experience as she can on the water and learning from her peers. “People involved in Coastguard have got genuinely caring hearts, so they care about you coming in among them. It’s a pretty great place to learn and to feel supported.”