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Edward Aktin

Jet Ski Coxwain and Trainee Coordinator for Coastguard Raglan

Edward's been volunteering his time with Coastguard for 10 years. He’d previously never done anything in the volunteer field, so he was keen to get involved with Coastguard when he moved to New Zealand. 

“The kick I get is that my kids are super proud of me. They love what I do. They’re always fine with me dropping everything to go in and help someone else. In fact, if they see anyone in trouble, they're the first ones to point out that they might need help. And that's just not even on the water that's on land. And that's all from Coastguard. That's all rubbing off from Coastguard on these little comments. They're just frothing on helping people.” 

Edward sees Coastguard as an extension of his family and a big group of mates that he never knew he needed. If the chips are down or you need a help with anything from firewood to babysitting, borrowing tools or you just want to catch up over a barbecue, the Coastguard crew call out to each other and are there for each other through it all.