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Coastguard Unit Crew Coordintor Volunteer - Wanaka Lakes

Coastguard NZ

Coastguard units are founded and powered by volunteers. From out on the water to the base on shore, volunteers organise, collaborate and support each other to ensure they’re there when people need them the most. At the heart of this is the Unit Crew Coordinator, someone to assist unit volunteers ensure effective operation of everything going on at the base.

Key responsibilities:

  • Manage inquiries from potential new volunteers ascertaining their suitability for a role within the Coastguard as either ‘on water’, ‘in air’ crew, ‘shore crew’ of administrative support
  • Provide an overview of Coastguard and their potential role along with the training to be undertaken and time commitment expected of volunteers 
  • Undertake Police check or fit and proper person check (a reference check with an employer or other person can assist with this)
  • Induct new volunteers into the unit: ensure all paperwork is completed regarding contact details etc. after probationary period (if any) is completed 
  • Manage crew rosters
  • Manage allocation of PPE (personal protective equipment), uniform, pagers and arrange for repairs and maintenance or replacement of equipment as necessary
  • Review of 3 and 6 months with the new volunteer to evaluate how they fit with the unit and how the unit fits with them
  • Arrange appropriate counselling support for crew members after any SAR Operation where a death or other traumatic incident has been attended

What we’re looking for:

A great Volunteer Coordinator / Crew Secretary is someone who can

  • Interact and communicate well with others
  • Has great people skills and can bring people together

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Coastguard Unit Crew Coordintor Volunteer - Wanaka Lakes
Coastguard NZ
Volunteering for Coastguard is a team effort – requiring just as much precision and effort off the water as it does in the midst of an ocean rescue.
Application closes 30 09 2022