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Carolyn Tapley

Coastguard NZ Board Member, and Operational Crew for Coastguard Canterbury

Carolyn has been volunteering for Coastguard for about eight years and still gets just as much enjoyment out of it as she did when she first started.  

"I love being a volunteer for Coastguard. Just love it... when I come through that Lyttelton tunnel and I come [to the Coastguard base] and we put the boat on the water, it is just magical.”  

Carolyn continues to stay motivated by an urge to give back to the community, to challenge herself and to mix and form strong connections with people that she wouldn’t normally mix with.   

“We’re like a great big family. When the chips are down, we all come together. I know that when I'm in the water at any time, my crew won't let me down. They will find me, and it'll be pretty bloody hard to get them off the water if they haven't found me!”